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GCCCD was founded on July 24, 1988 in Bonn and registered on November 22, 1988 at the Karlsruhe District Court. GCCCD is a non-profit professional organization, mainly comprising Chinese students, scientists and professionals in Germany with abackground of chemistry, chemical engineering or other related areas. GCCCD hasup to now ca. five hundred registered members, who are active in academia and/or industry in Germany, China, and other countries. In January 2015, GCCCD joined the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CISC) as an oversea branch thereof. GCCCD has organized dozens of large-scale conferences/seminars in different cities in Germany. In particular, the GCCCD annual conference is a highlight among all the important events, which provides a unique opportunity for the members and guests to discuss their latest scientific achievements in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering and soon.



We call for abstracts of both oral and poster presentations

  • Submission deadline:

    November 15th, 2019

  • Submission email:

  • Abstract format:

    maximum two pages

  • Presentation language:

    Chinese, German or English




Please fill in the information via:




Conference fee

The conference and the Welcome Dinner are freeof charge for the GCCCD members. The travelling cost of the presenters will bepartially reimbursed.


  • 中国驻德使馆教育处

  • 默克(德国)


Organizing committee of the 31stGCCCD annual conference

Nov. 12, 2019


  • 组委会成员:

Members of the organizing committee:

Dr. Wenjin Ding 丁文进博士 GCCCD

Dr.Qiong Tong  琼博士 Merck KGaA

Dr. Yuan Shi  远博士 DLR

Mr. Xiang Zhan  翔先生 KIT

Prof. Dr. Kai Zhang  凯教授 MPI

Mr. Qiang Chen  强先生 MPI

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